Our Mission

Mission Statement

The Dance Cooperative is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization committed to nurturing the dance community by providing affordable classes, rehearsal space and performance opportunities for those under-served artistically, culturally, and economically in the greater Wilmington area.

We are different from the current trends of dance studios in our approach dance. We strive to build well-rounded artists without fostering competition among dancers in our classrooms. Our goal is to expose the dancers to several styles and techniques and train them to find their strengths and individuality. Although we are predominately a modern dance studio, we focus on the whole dancer.

How the Dance Cooperative came to be…

The Dance Cooperative was founded by the following six dance professionals, who are bound together by the common goal of fostering a link between professional dance artists and our community:  Nancy Carson, Anne Firmender, Erika Meyerson, Suzanne Palmer, Harper Piver and Leslie Riley Searcy.

The Dance Cooperative has been in existence since May 2001 and moved into the first studio space in March 2003.  In 2013 we expanded into a two studio space located off Carolina Beach Road.  We offer technique classes for teens/adults and children’s classes.  All of our proceeds go directly back into furthering the Dance Cooperative mission.

In addition to the program of technique classes, we also offer an Informal Concert Series that began in January 2003.  This series is an opportunity for local choreographers to present their work and receive feedback from their peers in a secure and non-competitive environment.  Participation in this series is open to all Modern/Contemporary Dance Choreographers, those who are interested, or would like to view the process.  In addition, submissions by emerging young artists are encouraged.  This function is free and open to the public.  The Dance Cooperative will consider work of choreographers who take part in the showing for our formal concert series that occurs throughout the year.

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