Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the  most frequently asked questions:

Q. Can I register my child at any point in the year?
A. Yes. You can register your child in dance classes until March. However, since classes build and progress over the year, we suggest you register your child as early as possible. New and returning students can register at the studio between 4pm and 7pm weekdays. To arrange to register at another time, please call 910-763-4995.

Q. Is the Dance Coop just for girls and women dancers?
A. No; the Coop also welcomes boys and men to our classes and performance opportunities.

Q. Aren’t dance classes expensive?
A. We offer a high quality dance experience that is very affordable. In some cases, we are able to offer scholarships and work study opportunities (see last question).

Q. What should my child wear?
A. We have no formal, set dress code but do have some suggestions for your child’s comfort.
Creative Movement: something easy to move in; anything goes from sweats to a costume. Bare feet, socks, or ballet slippers.
Children and teens: wear something flexible and comfortable. Proper dance
attire is best for instructional purposes.
Footwear: ballet slippers for ballet, bare feet for modern, and jazz shoes/dance sneakers for jazz and hip hop.

Q. Do you have a recital at the end of the year? Do I have to pay for it?
A. No. But, we celebrate the end of the year with a free student showcase so you can see your dancer perform. There are no recital fees or costume fees.

Q. I’m an adult who used to dance but I have been out of it for awhile. Will I be out of place in your classes?
A. We welcome all levels of adult dancers. Check our schedule for which level you think is right for you. We take dance seriously—but not ourselves! So, we encourage you to come, have fun, and progress at your own pace.

Q. Do adults have to register for classes?
A. No. Adults can pay by the class ($12/class or $6 for college students/teachers) or you can buy a class card for $105 (10 classes)/$53 (10 classes for college students/teachers).

Q. What should adults wear?
A. Comfortable clothes suitable for movement. See “Footwear” above.

Q. Do you have performance opportunities for teens and adults?
A. Absolutely. We produce several performances each year including Dance-a-lorus, North Carolina Dance Festival, Emerging Choreographers Showcase, and others. For a detailed description of these events, auditions, and showings, check out our website!

Q. How can I perform with you?
A. Simple! Come to class and let us get to know you and your interests. There you will find out about dancing/choreographing opportunities and dates/times.

Q. Can I rent your space?
A. Sure! It’s $10/hour for rehearsals or classes for community service/awareness. It’s $25/hour for profit classes. We’re open to your needs for the space, so contact us and we can try to work something out with you.

Q. What is “modern” dance?
A. Good question! Modern dance is an ever-evolving art form, whose definition is elusive. With its beginning in the early 1900’s, modern dance pioneers embraced their individuality and the idea of creativity and artistic freedom. Even today modern dance cannot be defined by a specific technique as dancers and choreographers are constantly searching to move, feel and express their own individuality through dance. Defining modern dance is like defining modern art or music…it is elusive exciting, and undefinable. Come take a class and see for yourself.

Q. What is your school philosophy?
A. We are somewhat different from the current trend in dance studios in how we approach dance. We strive to build well-rounded artists without fostering competition among dancers in our classrooms. Our goal is to expose the dancers to several styles and techniques and train them to find their strengths and individuality. Although we are predominately a modern dance studio, we focus on the whole dancer.

Q. How do I qualify for scholarship/work study?
A. Scholarships and work study are need-based, and students who have extenuating circumstances are also considered. We encourage who may qualify to apply. You may request a scholarship application at our office in the studio.